Helado Rosa is a collaboration between partners Zachary Schomburg (a poet, novelist, and illustrator) and Brandi Katherine Herrera (a poet, multidisciplinary artist, and translator).

Each year, we travel to different regions in Mexico and the U.S. Southwest in search of new landscapes, cultural treasures, and the stories of the artisans we encounter along the way.



In Sabinas Hidalgo (Nuevo León) — where Brandi's grandmother Juanita was born — pink is even the preferred 'flavor' of ice cream.

Sold off of a bike by a vendor named Cleto, this cinnamony confection is known as "nieve rosa" (pink snow). In English, "pink ice cream" (even though it's a little more like sherbet or sorbet). And the flavor? Well ... "It’s just pink!”

We named Helado Rosa after this regional specialty, as a celebration of color above all else.



Palma, Rosa, Tierra, Azul — the quintessential colors of the desert landscapes and cities we love, which set the stage for each limited-edition collection we bring back home to you. 


dedicated to promoting mexican artisans

Helado Rosa believes in fostering vibrant, culturally-diverse communities; preserving artistic traditions; and promoting the work of individual artisans and small collectives through transparency, inclusion, and ethical sourcing. 

We partner directly with artisans who produce the one-of-a-kind pieces featured in our handmade collection, and compensate them at the values they establish for their craft — no factories, suppliers, or middlemen involved. 

We also donate 10% of every purchase you make to The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, in support of their mission to protect Latino civil rights in the United States.