Hand-Loomed Rebozo Shawl + Runner

Hand-Loomed Rebozo Shawl + Runner

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Our limited-edition rebozo shawls, much like the ones Frida Kahlo popularized in the 1930s, are hand-loomed in Jalisco, one at a time, by master textile artist Pedro Romo de la Rosa.

With their many practical uses, rebozo shawls are not only beautiful accessories, but also versatile staples. Women throughout Latin America have used them for centuries to shade themselves from the sun's intense rays, to ward off the chill once the sun has set, as an extra layer during the winter months, to dress a table, as slings to carry babies/small children, and even to assist during childbirth. 

Each rebozo is hand-woven using a traditional pedal loom, and then hand-finished with elaborately-knotted fringe. Because of this, each piece differs just slightly; a true testament of its handcrafted nature. Please see notes below regarding dimensions, care instructions, etc. 

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DIMENSIONS: One size fits most. 22 1/2" wide, 77" long (without 12 1/2" fringe on each end). 

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Dry cleaning is recommended. If you do not have access to dry cleaning services, rebozos may be washed by hand, in cold water, with detergent suitable for delicates, then rinsed with clean cold water. Do not tumble dry. Line dry, then iron (set for cotton) to smooth wrinkles and folds.

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