Vintage Michoacán Bateas

Vintage Michoacán Bateas

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We’re hoarders at heart, it’s true. And one of the treasures we love hunting for most are vintage bateas.

These four hand-carved + hand-painted beauties (circa late ‘50s to early ‘70s) are of the traditional Mexican lacquerware style made in Quiroga, Michoacán. With a history spanning more than 450 years, batea platters were most commonly used for offerings, marriage ceremonies, dances, processions, and parades.

Equally lovely displayed on a wall, or as a centerpiece at the table, each one is a stunning example of the vibrant craft traditions + cultural heritage of the region they hail from. Please see notes below regarding dimensions, etc.

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CONDITION: Very good vintage condition. Price range is based on age and quality of craftsmanship ( i.e. older, more intricately painted bateas have a higher value than newer pieces, with less intricate designs). 

DIMENSIONS: Large batea is 16" in diameter. Medium bateas are approximately 12" in diameter. 

RETURNS + EXCHANGES: We do not offer refunds or exchanges on items in our vintage collection. All sales are final. Please carefully consider all details of a vintage item before making your purchase—we are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please see our full Returns + Exchanges policy for more information.